The Meiklejohn Competition

The Meiklejohn Competition

The Meiklejohn Competition is NFYC’s annual photographic contest and is a great conversation starter when they are displayed at our AGM. Showing just a glimpse of what our members have been up to throughout the year some visiting Scotland others heading south to the Scilly Isles.

We had a lot of photos to choose from this year and a lot of votes to count. Thank you to Pauline for tackling this task and for the first time we had a tie with 2 photographs getting the same amount of votes.

The first photo was of our new Vice Commodore formally the Rear Commodore at the Clacton airshow, photo taken by Andrew of S/Y Favonia and the second was of the historic Red Sands Towers, photo taken by Lee of S/Y Obsession who has just been elected our new Rear Commodore.

Well done to everyone that took part and we can’t wait to see next years photos and the stories that go with them. The two winning photos will be framed and on display in the club house soon.

Clacton Air show
Clacton Air Show 2022 By Andrew, S/Y Favonia
Red Sands Towers
Red Sands Towers By Lee, S/Y Obsession