NFYC – Winter Series Race 4

NFYC Winter series race 4

Before I start, we would like to thank Fambridge Yacht Havens for the use of Devon Lass, (FYH Trot boat), which went to the aid of one of our yachts. More on this later!

The race started at 11 o’clock with 7 yachts on the start line. With a very strong out going tide most yachts were struggling not to cross the start line early. Flyer making the best start closely followed by Menhic and the rest of the fleet very closely behind. The racing on the way out was very tight, with colourful spinnakers and cruising chutes flying in the moderate breeze, this was of course once these sails had been hoisted up the mast the correct way! (Burgler).

Flyer edged out an 8 boat length lead but Menhic was closing in fast and just managed to take the lead although only briefly as Flyer hoisted their spinnaker. After a small wind shift Menhic had to gybe the cruising chute allowing Flyer to pull away.

As the fleet approached the Glaze race buoy the spinnakers had to be put away, some yachts making a much better job of this task than others as Blue streaks spinnaker went into the drink.

As the racing yachts rounded Cliff buoy, the rounding mark, Vela made good ground on Menhic just holding them off until Bridgemarsh. When arriving at Raypits with very little water at the mark, Burgler got into a little trouble stalling and drifting backwards running aground and unable to free themselves they had to retire from the race and request assistance. Devon Lass had to lift the crew off after not being able to free it  due to the falling tide, the Ray Pits buoy claiming another victim. It was tacking time from the rounding mark all the way back to the club finish line with one yacht recording a gruelling 29 tacks giving all the crews a good workout.

Buglers crew returned to the yacht later in the day to await the rising tide floating them safely and returned back to the club that night a big thank you to Joe Cursley for running Devon Lass.

Lastly a thank you to all of the members who work away in the background for this series of races to happen.