NFYC- Winter Series Race 6

NFYC Winter Series Race 6

As we all gathered in the club house for the last Race of the winter series 2022, the ice was scraped off the windows of the club house so the race officer could see the Start / Finish Line and Joe the duty Trot boat helm prepared Devon Lass to ferry the crews out to their yachts. All crews had some sort of Christmas gear on from Christmas Jumpers and Santa hats to socks and even a Xmas Tie.

At around 10.15 crews headed out to the yachts all having to defrost the decks and some having ice plugs in our mast tracks, oh what fun winter races are! 11 o’clock and the start horn sounded, we all set off up river to Bill Bunyan (rounding mark) before a nice sail to Cliff and back. Flyer with his super slippy bottom taking the lead with Menhic hot on his heels but unable to match Flyers speed sailing so close hauled 24-26 degrees at times and had to change tactics and having to tack down the river with the rest of the fleet following suit

Some boats getting down the river with only having to put one tack in, others having to match tack with other yachts all the way to Cliff. After rounding Cliff the colourful spinnakers and cruising chutes were hoisted for the down wind run back to the finish line. Coming back Flyer got hit by an 18mph gust of wind and broached. At the rear of the fleet Shamir and Blue Streak were having great fun calling Starboard at each other but once round Cliff Blue Streak started to pull away, on the way back Blue Streak calibrated its depth sounder running aground at short pole on the soft mud and ploughing through with the skill of the helmsman and crew or just dumb luck.

All boats back safely on the moorings and crews headed to the club house for the warmth of the heaters to thaw out with a nice mug of tea or coffee with hot food served up by our merry band of cooks and awaited the results from the race officer and her team.

Results after Handicaps

Winter Series race 6 results
Winter Series results

That’s it for 2022 and the end of the NFYC winter series this year and what a fantastic series of races it was, I can now have a lay in on a Sunday, no more getting up with the larks, driving to the club getting the heaters going, preparing the Paperwork, putting up the club Flags.

The weather has been uncooperative, we have had lots of light wind days, heavy rain, ice & snow and too much wind with sail’s blowing out, disagreements with mud banks and one cut finger. Whatever mother nature put their way this band of winter yachts men & women and the support staff come though it with laughter and joy on their faces.

A big hearty Thank you to Danyal and all the team at Fambridge Yacht Haven, and we would like to wish them all a very Merry Christmas and see you all in the new year.

I am proud to have been their RC for 2022 Thanks all.