NFYC – Winter Series Race 5

Race No 5 the penultament race of the North Fambridge Yacht club winter series started with 7 boats on the line. This time our race officer made it an interesting race, with the first race marker buoy towards Hullbridge. The fleet rounded the Bill Bunyan buoy, before we went past the Club house for the 2nd time. Flyer was match tacking with Vela one for one on the run down, then heading towards Burnham, passing Short Pole this part of the race was tacking all the way, as the wind was on the nose until we got around the corner. 

By then Flyer with it’s slippy silicone bottom, took a commanding lead, with Vela hot on Flyers heels. In turn Vela had Menhic on her tail, Cliff was the rounding mark. The RBYC & RCYC were also out racing on the river, one of their yachts got into ta little bit of trouble running aground on the mud, but was under way after using its engine. Meanwhile at the back of the fleet, Blue Streak and Shamir were have a tacking battle of their own with Kokomo at the rear. Then it was on to the down wind run to the line for the leading yachts, Vela was trying very hard running beam reach and goose winging. as Blue Streak passed Bridgemarsh a call came through over the VHF 37a from Flyer for any yacht to keep a look out for Flyers Spinnaker pole as they managed to lose their pole overboard as it separated from the base section.

Burgler was keeping steady in the middle of the fleet with only a crew of 2 for this race. As the yachts started for home out came the Cruising chutes making a colourful picture as we were all on a run to the finish line.

Flyer attempted to recover its spinnaker pole and snuffed the cruising chute only to have it jam. They tried to turn and go back, losing 3 to 4 minutes, then carried on with Vela hot on its heels. As Flyer pulled out all the stops they eeked out a small lead as Menhic came storming through the field and challenged Vela. Flyer taking line honors and £380 lighter followed a few minutes later by Menhic & Vela

As the last 3 yachts came in Shamir was escorted over the line by Devon Lass with crews from Menhic giving a hearty cheer. As the crews put away their yachts it was time for a hot drink and a hot meal back in the club house. Our thanks to Sue, Lyn, Jo and Barbara, for the hard work in the Galley. After everybody had got warm and a hot meal it was time for the race results, from the Race officers Pauline, Margaret and Janet, Unfortunately Flyer had gone in search of its Spinnaker pole and was not in the club for the results, but was told the result later after he was sitting down. A great afternoon was had by everybody.

A foot note for the last race only 5 boats will be starting, all crews and support staff ashore must wear something Christmasy, and Food for racing crews is free for the last race of the winter series.

NFYC Winter Series Race 5 results