Queenbrough Cruise July 2022

At the weekend had a cruise over to Queensbrough in Kent, this took in 4 Rivers, twice in 2 days, river Crouch Thames Medway and Swale, I would like to thank my crew for the weekend Janet and Teri who improved my knowledge of horse, to know end, and I in-return taught them about WW2 history of these rivers. both are excellent sail trimmers and navigates.

All started Friday afternoon, getting our yacht ready for the weekend, Water, Diesel, Food, all taken on board, the 4 yachts Wyxbon (commodore flying his flag), Blue Streak (Rear Commodore flying his flag), Kokomo, Obsession, after all that hard work of to the Ferry boat pub for safe leaving party, then back to club house for pizza.

A little side note, Lee got awarded the Golden Rowlock for services to anchoring and boat handling. Well done Lee. Saturday up with the larks 0430hrs and watch the Sun rise over Burnham, and what a lovely day and lovely sail, out the crouch and into the Thames we had.

Just before the Medway the fleet passed by the SS Richard Montgomery, that’s the wreck of Sheerness / Southend with all the Ammo, the Royal Navy been task with removing her masts this year, then into the Medway then into the Swale, picked up a buoy for the night ¬£15 and a safe arrival party and awaited the arrival of the clubs commodore some hours later!!.

1800hrs off to the Flying Dutchman Pub for food and drink back to the rafted up boat so nice to see 4 NFYC boats all rafted up in a diffrant river, Kokomo was the party boat, (thanks Adam) as it had the biggest cockpit, 1000hrs, off to bed, I think I speak for, we had a sound sleep that night.

A little lay in the next morning, 0530hrs to catch the tide again, a bit more wind then forecast, you can never trust the weathermen, a very fast transit up past the Maplin sands, but as we rounded the Whittaker wind over tide, a bit lumpy down the Crouch, picked up Blue Streak mooring 1500hrs, last boat back 1740hrs (No names, Commodore), a big thanks to all the Skippers and crew, great weekend.